Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trading Towns

I actually just talked to Chris, but I wanted to let everybody know that I have decided that I am moving back down South. There are a lot of reasons, but mostly I think that it is just time to move on from Providence. I have a lot of great memories here, but I think that if I continue to stay on here that may not continue to be the case. Leaving on a high note like Costanza. There is also a lot going on with my family that I think that I am missing; graduations, my little sister going on to middle school, elderly relatives, etc.
But I do still want to maintain some semblance of independence and keep things fresh. I decided to move to Charleston because A) I have never lived there B) the town has really grown on me over the last few years, and C) I had a good time hanging out with everyone over the break and would like to continue that.

My thought right now is that I will be moving down in the middle of April and staying with my mom for a few weeks. Then probably be ready to move down to Charleston around the beginning of May. I'll keep everyone posted, but that seems like the best scenario for right now.
I'll sign off with the standard You Tube clip

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Rickles said...

Danger in Charleston, fuckin A