Thursday, June 26, 2008

If Your Bored

Rolling Stones Top 100 Guitar Songs.

The Who breaking shit real good. i recall this one brought down the corona wall which was followed by a rick beat down.

I love list. you know this. most of the songs are 101 for experts such as us. however its good reminder of great songs and might turn you on to a few you forgot. its got links to videos which is killer and audio clips to check out. I always like a history lesson. let me know if you get into it. its at least good for a playlist. I have about 80 of the 100 so if u want a song holla and i send it to you.

Ramones- Still Better than the Misfits


dRchunkerton said...

it's funny that none of the really interesting picks on that list start until 40 places back. rolling stone has definitely fallen off as far as being relevant....just look at the modern covers...RS is out of touch 90% of the time. Also van halen and nirvana stick out like sore thumbs in that top ten, and i'm not even sure if that's a positive or a negative. I move that all bands in that top ten be removed from discussion; what do we have left to say about them?

Rickles said...

most of it is common knowledge for experts. you gotta figure that some/most people just are novices, so its their for when your learning.

Overexpose doesn't take away from original greatness. that said its boring if you overly filmier.