Saturday, June 7, 2008

Weezer (Red Album)

I loved Weezer as an early teen. I dressed like them for several years. Their first album was one of the first I owned along with The Bends, and several others that I feel guilty about now. A decade and half later things have changed but old habits diehard.

This album reminds me of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s last album “Mardi Gras”. After years of John Fogerty doing everything perfect the other dudes in the band wanted their shot. Which of course, they blew hard. I don’t think any of you have heard the CCR LP, timesaver it sucks. So now Weezer have done the same thing here. Rivers Cuomo has been the bands mastermind since the get-go. But the boys wanna shine, so he let em. And the results are exactly like you would think, who cares. 3 of the 10 songs are sung by the other dudes in the band. Basically you get and EP’s worth of the main attraction, with a sampler of his friends trying to be like him.

On the last Oasis LP, Noel Gallagher let the other guys write songs but he wisely kept them out of the vocal booth. Therefore, you can get help from your teammates, but role players aren’t gonna win the MVP. All this just hides/reveals that Rivers stopped caring a couple of albums ago anyway. So what’s next, well Fogerty went into seclusion, a move Cuomo has already pulled in the late 90’s. Then its gonna be solo time. It won’t be as good as prime era but it’ll be all right.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

giving the others a go or not, they've been on a looooooong decline anyway. this one is slightly less annoying than the last, maybe cause it sounds like older shit if you don't really pay attention to whats going on.

the single played on the radio while at work,and i was semi excited, so i got it and even hearing that same song again with focus let me down, if anything is to be gained from this album, maybe it will at least put the final nail in the coffin.

at this point, i'm not so sure letting the other dudes have more input made a difference.

did you listen to the Cuomo solo shit that came out before this? it's equally bad in different ways. i'm thinking maybe he realised he just doesn't have it anymore and thought sharing the reigns would help it not be so awful, to no avail.

don't even bother.

Rickles said...

the problem is he gave up. on the make believe album he spent the hole time apologizing. this ones the pay back. as for the demo's album, those always sound like shit that's why their demos.

laura said...

Weezer has become a cocktease - bluntly put. The last album had the pick-a-boo singe that, with one hand, lured old fans with familiar riffs whilst simultaneously smacking them in the face with the other hand, packed with nauseating kitchiness. It makes me sad, real sad.

Maybe they blew their load too earlier, making the pressure to do what has proven impossible just that. I'll always love the early side of their discology, but as for the present - I can't be bothered.