Saturday, December 27, 2008

Since I havn't heard it, it's new to me in 2008

Never thought I'd be joining my fellow crew members with a list of music groups that I've listened to and enjoyed that were outside my "music comfort zone." But I am.

Well, I'm just going to get right into it. This list is in no particular order except for the last band which has become one of my favorites. Engage...

I will start with a band that I've heard of and have been forced to listen to but never got into. Until now, that band has a name and that name is Portishead. Heard of them is why I started listening to them on my own and with Third coming out at the time, I thought what the hell. Glad I did. There hasn't been a weekend in the past couple of months that I havn't listened to one of the four albums (I have a live one).
==== Fav. Album - Dummy

To keep in that sort of genre (I really don't know genre's that well so this comment may be off), next up is My Morning Jacket. Z has become one of my favorite albums of all time. Evil Urges and At Dawn are wonderful as well.
==== Z

If you are in the neighborhood of Kaiser Willys on the weekend at about 10-11 a.m. and want to listen to either of these two bands, please stop bye. I usually start of the mornings with My Morning Jacket then right on over to Portishead. It's a great way to start off the day.

I will shorten the next couple of bands to keep the ball rolling.

Cut Copy, Vampire Weekend and Band of Horses are all included of my must listen to's. The three of these bands are ones that I would never have listened to if it wasn't for Danger, so I thank you, whoever you are. Cut Copy and Band of Horses each have two albums and I like the two equally. I'm sure I could pick one from each but you can't make me so I won't.

Also, Secret Machines, Tokio Hotel and Pillar. Some bands you may have heard of but had no intention of downloading/listening to. They all have that rock/alternative/whatever sound that I like. I really don't think anyone who reads this will like any of these bands but I just put them up here to show that it's new and I'm trying.

ps - I think Pillar may be a Christian rock band but they really only mention that guy in maybe one or two of there songs.

Next up, Girl Talk. My workouts thank you so very much. Greg's three albums have been on my workout ipod since I first heard of him at Cuizins. Some of the shit he puts together is downright a-maz-ing. I get so lost in some songs that I wake from a day dream to find that I have not only stopped working out but have busted a move or two. Enough said.

Close to the end, don't worry.

Here is a surprise one that I stumbled upon because of the name and love. Handsome Boy Modeling School. Unlike a lot of other rap that I listen to, this group's sound constantley changed throughout the album. I enjoyed it throughly and do so on regular basis.

Now, on to the last one. But before, a quick thought. I know I am leaving some out and it seems that I've picked the ones that everyone talks about but oh well. The music/groups are good.

Of Montreal. Surprised? Please:

How you wanna tag my style
I am so superior
How you wanna hate a thing
When you are so inferior
How you wanna mess
How you wanna mess my spotless interior?

And that's all I have to say about that.

Now to catch up with yous guys, here is just a list (with no description) of my top 2008:

Of Montreal
Gavin DeGraw
Lil Wayne
TV on the Radio
Kanye West
Gym Class Heroes (C. Hinds - You may like these guys if you havn't checked them out yet)
Lupe Fiasco
Secret Machines
Fall Out Boy
Death Cab for Cutie

let the jokes begin...


Herbert Frundle IV said...

huzzah! glad to see you bit the bullet.

surprised by secret machines, haven't listened to new f.o.b. but like all the old stuff despite ricks heckling, need to peep game on gym class heroes haven't heard anything but that single that got them popular.

handsome boy- which album do you have? there are two i know of, i'll give you the other equally great.

as for the post me likey. bring it more often.

Rickles said...

Portishead & MMJ both great! V busting a move, fuck yes. That new Death Cab was really good.

That was a great post, made me smile and what more can u ask.