Friday, January 23, 2009

4 Walls + Adobe Slats

I've liked Animal Collective for a hot minute now, but they're a hard sell for most. Weylin turned me onto them a couple of years ago, though i'd heard about them for a even hotter minute, most likey through lee. I remember listening to " Feels" on my iPod walking through Hitchcock woods, and falling for it. I would drop 'Leaf House" from Sung Tongs randomly into my sets at cuizine. Last year's "Strawberry Jam" did little for me, but Panda Bear's "Person Pitch" was a favorite.

I'm not used to the band's i like having a prodiguous output, so "Merriweather Post Pavilion", close on the heel of "Strawberry Jam" and the interm EP "Water Curses" was unexpected and suprising. Check it out:

I love this album. Favorites are: my girls, daily routine, blusih, summertime clothes, brothersport. This video is good but probably not a classic, but i like the things it reminds me of: taking LSD and amatuerishly fucking around with music. I'm not saying that's what animal collective is doing; but if it was they should be really proud of themselves.


Rickles said...

I don't care bout fancy things!

Herbert Frundle IV said...

During this weird interim, this album has helped immensely. Basically the only thing that's been played on purpose is this album, and Cassius' track "Eye Water", though incredibly different. Expect a follow up on cassius, several years worth of random ipod "oh shit who is this" and it's quite often inevitably cassius.