Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On A Misty Morning, I Left My Window Down

There were thoughts entering but quickly leaving my mind. Namely of the text message and what it meant. It was a less than subtle jab at my spite of all things work-related. My behavior earlier in the night had echoed that sentiment. Joe, the new guy was the new person. Other than his comments against horse-man communions, I am inclined to appreciate his solid, sober work ethic.
"Here's the deal, Joe" I said, "Normally, I don't like to work really....at all. So normally, I just pay the door guy half my tips to do all the closing work for me."
I really would rather be leaning on the bar, talking to customers about music. I treat that as my job. That and drinking.
Anyway, back to the text message. It read: "website?!". The two punctuations didn't quite give the impression that either of them was meant to give by themselves. I've heard people say that emotions are almost impossible to understand through a text message or email, but I dissagree. I believe that you can see a person's soul through what they type or text. Push button history.
Well, the point is that the website is not yet up and running. That, and that it's four days past due. That coupled with the fact that I paid my bosses friend off to do my work while I drink with my friends.....Well, let's just say that I need to get to my homework. I was looking forward to getting past the first page of the new Jonfen book. I hadn't been able to read a book in quite some time. Well, that won't do. I must be getting to the meat of what it is to be alive soon. My thoughts drift to the insane. Not Insane thoughts, but thoughts about the insane....And how it can all be caused by things you eat and the couches that you sleep on.

Here's Parts 2 and 3:


Rickles said...

cool, whens the southern tour?

Danger Duck said...

rick has recommended that i mention that there is a "cherry" at the end of the third video
congrats to rick on "reaching his peak"
btw chris, me and rick had a convo about some of your habits. Seeing as you'll be sharing a dwelling soon.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

fuck whatever habits you think i got. rick is the one you have to watch out for. his brains are in a quagdry an hasn't been making any sense to me or lee for months.

me in a nutshell, masturbate, get drunk, attempt to talk about serious issues but have no clue what i'm talking about, occasionally forget to flush the toilet, and be there 100% for any and all moral support.

what did i miss?

love you both, but i still hate rick.

Danger Duck said...

haha, it could be worse. you guys are like sooooo gonna have a great time being rommies so just be nice.