Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a treat for those that atended

You already know this if you were there, but the Junior Boys are an excellent live act. Considering how 'manufactured' they sound on record, i wasn't expecting an amazing show, but was totally floored. These guys are the real deal. To me the biggest suprise was Jermey Greenspan's many times when you see a live act your realize the album cut was obviously the best vocal take out of hundreds...with this guy, some the live was on par and sometimes better.

I think the guy that recored this was standing directly behind us. i've watched a few of the other songs he recorded on youtube. i love this shit- this is right where is was standing, this was just what i saw.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

sound doesn't do it justice. hands down, best circumstances for a show ever.

total fanboy status + band that's lightyears beyond any hype they may have achieved + honest skills and great songs + a good friends birthday + a crowd of 200 or something in a room no bigger than a bar i would frequent anyway.

doesn't get better on the small scale son.

Rickles said...

computer love. i lost my mind several times at this show