Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday Evening Pop Art Banquet

With the advent of Netflix, Redbox, and streaming video on the internet, the end of your blockbusters and movie gallerys is fact. For the most part, we will not mourn thier passing, nor should we. There is one, little thing though, that will be missed. In a way it's more a part of the culture of the independent video store than the blockbuster; i remember a video rental store frequented by my family that is now occupied by Vibe.

Anyway, the fun i'm talking about is VHS Cover art. Who among us wasn't enticed, excited and occasionally frightened by these little pop art masterpieces? Modern covers are photoshop construced pieces of bland marketing; those VHS covers of the past were flea-market approved bits of exploitation. RIP.

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Rickles said...

that was interesting, i only knew about some of blockbusters mistakes