Friday, March 12, 2010

Indie is the old 'Alternative'

After reading a Why We Fight on pitchfork (a discussion on approach to merits of music, fucking awesome) i was rubbed once again with the idea that the nomenclature of "Indie" is applied to everything now that isn't Beyonce.

While nitpicking genres used to be relegated for Sam Goody arguments as to whether NIN was stacked in the Rock or Heavy Metal section, Independent music doesn't leave much room for iffy-ness........

At most, small label. Independent label. Non-corporate label. At worst, unsigned band you dug enough to hope you could hate them later once everyone found out about them a year later (haterish bitches).

Still, anything not immediately played on radio is Indie now and wondering why. Labels are labels, easy outs the same. But the descriptor is less a vague feeling of the music and more an actual status, so I'm continuously confused.

Doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme, hadn't ranted in a while, but wtf?

Also read that article and anticipate more. I miss legit music arguments.

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