Monday, April 5, 2010

I've let you down, I've let you all down...

...and Rick is gay!

My new post will a helpful and insightful guide into the world of sports so that the next time you're out with the boys and random guy asks if you saw that touchdown in the basketball game last night you can call foul. And know that he is probably hitting on you because Danger Crew is sexy.

Just like you all now know Rick's sexuality, you will know a fun fact about a current event in the wide world of sports. It will not be "after the jump". It will not be explained (on the main page, I will go into more detail "after the jump"). I will make it quick and painless so you can take a quick glace and if it's not the five course meal you're accustomed to then no harm.

Since I've got your attention I'll start with some not so surprising news that was surprising. Name the dude above?


This, to me, is a sad but inevitable story. Because McNabb never won a Superbowl he was never considered great to the Eagle fans. And I agree. He got close but without the title it's meaningless.

McNabb was traded to the Redskins.



dRchunkerton said...

This will come back to haunt the Eagles. McNabb may have failed to deliver a Super Bowl Championship during his time with Eagles, and tho this is a reason for action, it does not justify trading him for a second and third round draft pick to a team IN THIER OWN DIVISION. I see revenge in the form of a monday night football game brewing.

Joe Torre said...

Impressed much I am

Rickles said...

wonder what his mom and Campbell soup have to say about this?