Saturday, April 17, 2010

The preview itself makes me sad, but i'm excited to see this

One week only over at pitchfork.

and if it's long the rest here.


Joe Torre said...

Interesting. This same thing happened at my Dad's house in WA. Matt got some hippie LP a couple of years ago at this old record store that I felt I had no purpose being in and this past year in vanished.

I know Rick commented on a missing record store in the ATL when we saw The XX.

Sad. Video and music stores are no where to be found stir up some you guys actually missed them.

I speak of music stores more of course. Besides Lee, I don't see anyone else giving it a second thought other than to mention its disappearance.

Maybe for nostalgic purposes?

Rickles said...

i used to hang out a video and music stores, i never go to them any more. i also dont buy movies or music either.
music stores used to be a place i went to do research, now i just do it on the computer.

things change but also stay the same.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

still important. stop in 52.5 every other week or so. my vinyl collection is teeny compared to lee's, but when i find one of those albums that just doesn't leave me, there's nothing like having the big version to touch and play.

here, they've branched out to include craft beers, art shows, books, everything and do an amazing job of making it a place you want to go.

hope they never leave.