Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pete's World

I've archived all data from my computers dating back to 1997 or so. This is the entirety of a document labeled "the keg is floated" dated aug 2002, but these dates are often unrelaible and it could be a year or more earlier. it's from a folder "pete's world" that peter made on my danger dome era computer for his own personal musings. I suspect he is the author of all but the final line:

the keg is floated
bad noise
what’s chunky T doing?
how come jesse’s truck is outside
but the crazy man is lost
i’ve really got a headache
the sun is comming up
and I am glad that I
don’t have a girlfriend and a kid

peter you are fucked up

I know i didn't write the last line. Any takers?

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