Friday, June 25, 2010

Cee Lo - Stray Bullets

People been bitching for years about Cee Lo rapping again, like Andre 3k shit, despite the fact he's been doing it all along and then some. I like Goodie Mob, don't get me wrong, and he's manhandled verses above the best of 'em (Dro in the Wind much?) but the main reason I've enjoyed him over the years was his solo albums. One of only a handful of legitimately Batshit Insane people with the talent to back it up. The assholes made songs i love despite John "Blues Traveler harmonica fucktard" Popper cameos.

The first Gnarls Barkley album was pop perfect throughout, the second i can't even make it through a year or two after the fact. 'Lo is best just freakin the fuck out on musical tangents. Stray bullets is the new mixtape good enough to just be an album, with a proper album coming out later this year. But this has some of the finest he's done in years already. Summer jams, Newhart Show lounge shit, 70's funk rock, a song with the b-52's involving Fred Schneider singing about how he likes his Pussy, the balls to put the first Goodie Mob reunion track in forever over a Nick Cave sample. Just fucking listen to it.

'I like it' is my current defacto summer jam. Nuff Said. Album link below dummies.

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