Monday, December 10, 2007

Important Cruise Update

Hey Hey Hey, so big thanks to Laura or Kristen for telling me about the passport thing. I checked in on it and unfortunately it seems we will need to get passports. I called the post office and the cruise line and there is no way around it. So I've already looked into it and here's what you got to do (after the jump)

go to this web addres:

then go to passport and find out "how to apply" for one. This may take some searching around but if I can find it all of you can. Then fill out the form "DS-11"

Make sure to bring 2 pics of yourself.

THE PROCESS TAKES 4-6 WEEKS so if you're hell bent on going please start looking into it now so you can, at least, get the information from parents and or other places.

One more note...there is two charges for this: 1. $67 and 2. $30 total $97

when I called on this, the lady told me it's two separate fees so don't write one check when you go to the post office. BRING TWO CHECKS when going to pay.

I guess that's about it. Please, if you have any questions give me a call and also make sure I have your digits in case I need to holla (Laura). Aight

in danger we trust


Danger Duck said...

I'm already on the boat

Rickles said...

what type of pic and where do we go to take care of this.

Joe Torre said...

That's what i like to hear Mr Duck

Rick, go to the post office (if there is one in charles town good if not come home) and they should be able to help you. I would suggest calling. That's what I did and I got all the help I need. But about the pics, I think they maybe able to do it but I'm not sure.

The pics have to be taken no longer then 6 months ago. ya heard