Tuesday, December 4, 2007

no requests III: hit it and quit it

a long time ago i remember rick angrily dismissing bands that lacked drummers. i think rick's heart is in the right place, but as usual he is completely wrong. today's theme- "bands" that owe more to dance/electronica drum machines and their intrepid programmers than john bohnam and his way around a bottle of booze.

first up hot chip. i'm excited about a third lp that's on the way. exciting, fun, dance-y but most certainly a band.

further evidence follows the jump....

junior boys are hot, rick admits...and not only are the drums canned, so is the bassline.

one might make the argument that in a live setting, live drums are essential. the clip is of montreal, the party's crashing us now. live at the 40 watt, halloween 2007. rick is somewhere to the left of the cameraman, drunk dancing. you'll notice the drum kit is unmanned- it was this way for 95% of the show.


Rickles said...
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Rickles said...

I love this. I find myself having arguments with my friends in my head, based on conversations that happened years ago. i glad someone else suffers this same illness.

Furthermore, the junior boys video clearly has a drummer in it. so their.

dRchunkerton said...

not that you could tell from listening to the track...which i feel furthers my point- the distinction between live and canned drums has grown fuzzy. i don't think it matters one way or the other- i was just trying to argue against your previous moratorium on the drum machine.