Sunday, December 2, 2007

Litestar Pulse

link and shit--->Drive the car of tomorrow....TODAY!!!
I recommend the Pulse kit, quite possibly the most unfun toy ever. I've got a bunch ordered so if you want in on the group buy, lemme know.


dRchunkerton said...

consider me sold, sir. i need a car anyhow.

Danger Duck said...

this is really the best part:
"Have you ever wondered.......where on earth does Steve keep that hugh Autocycles
webpage??? Well, I wasn't sure myself until I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana and found a small
building on a back street that belongs to Pulse Club members Leo & Jan Doyle.
The Doyles donate the webspace on their mega computers. Its a real gift to the club too!
So the next time you meet Jan or Leo at a club rally..........please thank them.

Here is Steve pointing to the SERVER which contains our club webpage.
All that info in that one tiny blue box in a 'state of the art' climate controlled room.

"In Feb. 2007, we had over 85,000 'hits' on our website.........
That little blue box is really smokin now!

"And I'll bet you didn't know that when you bring up AUTOCYCLES.ORG you are
actually traveling in & out of the Doyles building."