Tuesday, April 8, 2008

STP: Reunion

. August 17, 2008 Charlotte
Who Wants to Go?
Their planning a new LP as well, can't wait!


Lee said...

rick, no one cares

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i'm sorry to say you are quite wrong lee.

one of the most awkward concert experiences ever, attending the Family Values Tour of 2001 if i'm not mistaken.

Heckling through Staind, being impressed with Linkin Park's live show though still not enjoying their tunes, and finally getting to see STP do a proper solid show on a halloween night, revolving stage setup, with Weiland stealing some chicks angel wings and coming out naked trying to tuck his dong and failing miserably in front of a crowd of mostly 14 yr old fans there for L.P.

I very much care about STP and the future completion of 1/3 of it's upcoming tour dates before Weiland gets on the smack again and punches his wife while lighting something on fire.

plus their tunes are kickass. they're one of the few bands from that time period me and rick have never argued about. that's magic for that to happen. i'll gladly see them if they make it.

Rickles said...

Preach brother, Preach!

Lee said...

i just wanted to talk shit to rick, it's been a while