Saturday, April 12, 2008

Huh? Mike Nesmith

so after reading the kids in the hall interview on avclub...

mention Mike Nesmith's Elephant Parts i started investigating. The skit segments are definitely not funny, but the songs are what really stand out for me. Completely awkward and bizarre, but on such a sincere level that avoids even the Tim and Eric 'awkward funny'...and i think avoids humor in an altogether special way i've never experienced. It doesn't necessarily fail to be funny as it seems like it's not trying to be, and yet it's too bizarre to be serious.

Part of me can't say that it's just plain bad because it feels like more is going on than i'm processing, but what that more is i can't pinpoint.

I've just been completely captivated at how pointless it is, and to consider how much effort and money went into it for even the now shitty production values to have been achieved in 1981.

what exactly is going on with this stuff?


Rickles said...

this reminds me of hanging out with a lame person. they tell some lame joke and expect you to laugh. "hey, i was just kidding. Dont' be such a grouch" be the end of the thing you are laughing only its at how stupid and misguided they are.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i understand that completely. it seems well beyond that though. dude had to have a team of people behind him with his past and shit, if anything i'm more frustrated by the common occurence of who didn't speak the fuck up?

zappa was a virtuoso and it seems like this shit is trying to be what zappa was in the 70's, but at the same time for it to have gone this far, who was doing anything more than a chuckle that warranted continuing on?

he was only a minor celebrity and still someone was all "yeah yeah mike, that shit is hilarious". he couldn't have possibly had enough money to throw around for yes men and still this is a complete yes man project.

where our the yes men for us when we actually have solid concepts?

everyone, start finding the lame dude to finance our shit. i don't care anymore as long as we're hilarious.