Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never In My Dreams...

did I think i would not only like, but promote a Me'Shell NdegeOcello album. From Van Morrison duets with John Mellencamp, to cheesy solo radio singles. No, no, no.

Then comes this. Granted, I'm not familiar at all with her body of work, but I had no reason to believe she could put out an album that sounds EXACTLY like Sade partying with T.V. on the Radio, and have it be every bit as good as that sounds typed out. It's a mindfuck and it makes me super happy. Enjoy.

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suomynona said...

Love your review. You should check out her previous works. Especially the 2007 album (The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams) as it features many of the same artists she collaborated with on "Devil's Halo."

"Devil's Halo" to me is a combination of my favorite parts on "TWHMMTMOMD" and her 1999 album "Bitter."

Proof that she's even better live. She only attracts the best musicians out there. Must be seen in person.