Friday, November 30, 2007

ok, i'll try this again....

deleted the last, never can tell how my tone will come across, though we all know each other so you'll read into and add/subtract to fit whatever you want anyway as it should be.

need to know what everyone's intention is with the site. i'll start by putting my full idea out, comment away.

we have basically at our disposal, the efforts of a professional Web Developer, in exchange for his ability to add it to the list in his portfolio.

what this means is whatever you can think of within reason could potentially come to fruition with a little back and forth and a lot of thanks to Justin. You don't know him, but you will soon enough. Dude rules it in just about every aspect.

With this, I hesitate to enlist his efforts and putting him through the frustration if it's not going to pan out to anything on our end.

The backstory.

I felt freaked out by not having regular contact with you guys. The phone calls consisting of "What have you been up to?", "Same old", "Me too", "Got drunk the other day did some stupid shit", "Oh yeah? Me too, that's crazy" just wasn't filling the void.

I longed for the days of hashing out ideas for good or ill, often knowing we were damn wrong from the start, just to instigate the thought process and sharing with one another. Turning the gears on the regular.

This escalated into a demand that everyone start going haywire on the Danger Crew myspace, which was already woefully inadequate in terms of it's capabilities.

Conversations with Chunks resulted in him taking the reigns and redoing what I think was a previous personal blogger account into a group one, which is this very site you add to yourself.

After initial conversations, it turned to the excitement of the potential of a review/opinion/whatever site that people other than ourselves might actually check into regularly, with the very far off if ever possibility that our collective writing/recollection/addiction pool had the potential to turn into something bigger and profitable at some point in the far off future. Though never demanded or expected, it was prominently in the back of our minds, and by back I mean the very front. While it would not be fair for me to speak for chunks, this came across as a consensual possible longing.

I'm not sure if any one but him and i were aware of this, as it hadn't directly been brought up, so there it is.

I had a prior post, that i deleted if you even saw it that brushed on this in the wrong ways maybe, but i realized it was unfair of me to get frustrated that other people were not taking it as seriously as i thought i was, when i never bothered to explain how serious i was taking it. what a dummy i am indeed.

in a not condescending way at all, i need to know where everyone is coming from if we attempt to take this seriously with regular installments, demanded output, time frames, basically a freelance job until it becomes more. If we want it to be, i have no doubt it will turn into that. If we just want to treat it as a glorified group myspace page, and again i have no problems with that and am not intending to be slight in the least, lemme know. I'm down for sharing of any kind, but my expectations were greater, and the immediate output from everyone out of the gate was on par with what chunks and i had discussed initially.

I know first hand the difficulties of keeping up with this shit, finding the time, and agonizing over every word knowing we are all our biggest critics as friends, but trying to determine where this is going if it is to ever be more than a sight to repost youtube videos.

and i like funny youtube videos. i'm not hating please don't take this as negative. please please please give your input, what you'd like to see, and how much you want to do. we can take the more all in people to do things for now, and pull in people off the bench as we get overwhelmed or find things that are exciting enough that we just can't keep our mouths shut.

please share your thoughts, and please make them longer than a one sentence comment. i'm looking for actual input, potential goals, and involvement levels here. yes it seems like work cause it is, but already it's seemed incredibly gratifying personally, and i've been amazingly impressed with the energy and thought behind everyone else's output.

the exact shit i was looking for in the first place, tiny bubbles of the intensity we shared over too many drunken nights trying to bide our time in the best ways possible.

lemme know.

and i didn't split this cause i wanted you to be forced to pay attention. i'm an asshole i know.

oh yeah, keep in mind. while it has a million diff. origins to a million diff. folks, type in "Danger Dome" in google. we are #2 and #3 as of this moment anyway. while not a huge step, and a random search, we are very easily found if looked for even in our current form. Potential indeed.


Rickles said...

oh my, no one does a run on thought quite like u chris. first, i never thought/ or wanted money for anything. i saw this as a opportunity to share with my friends. Thats what i think it should be. if you feel like writing then do. that said, if someone else wants to hear your take or view on something then they should feel free to ask you to write about it. Chris if you wanna treat this like a job then do. i'm not gonna, if i got nothing to say i won't bother. it should be fun.

dRchunkerton said...

i don't care what people post really, as long as there posting SOMETHING, and it's interesting...for every moment of enlightenment that *might* have happened at the danger dome there were ten times as many more of mundanity or outright stupidity. i'm okay with this.

i haven't posted in awhile, and it's not for lack of ideas...i was holding back up unitl a week or so ago. there was a week, or more, where NO ONE POSTED. i kept waiting, selfishly, just so i could post more without feeling like an ass.

so i don't care what people post, or how seriously they take it. just keep long posts after the jump and have fun. also, i'd ask everyone to give an honest look at all posts, and then comment if you'd like.

as for money, i run our google adwords and i can tell you so far that we've made ZERO dollars and ZERO cents...somebody has to click on those ads that doesn't work here.

however- if we keep this up, real regular like, maybe we can develop something that is worthwhile. A PRODUCT, if you will. but we are a ways off. your right rickles, this isn't a job, but it could be one day, and how happy would you be if all that cataloging your movies in excel got you paid?

so let's keep it lively, let's have fun, and for fuck sakes let's develop something so that i can stop making jager bombs and dumping ash trays.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

swizzles. was just trying to gauge.

i set these imaginary definitions of things in my head, often times without realizing it, and then get frustrated when it isn't exactly that, even admitting that i never live up to it myself, or that there was no real reason for it to have been definite in the first place.

justin suggested checking tumblelogs out. pretty much like ones you'd linked here before chunks, where you just post cool shit with no major stress about it. Literally just put up something cool you found. This is what we were getting at without thinking about it.

simple, clean, is what it is. if you have suggestions for the look, even if we're happy with how it looks now or want it tightened up a little, whatever, start spitting out ideas.

justin suggested getting a domain name if only for the flexibility that we can't have in blogger, though we don't really need fancy stuff to share so i'm not sure how you feel about that either. your feedback on the look and feel of the site please.

at this point it's set kinda good so maybe changing it isn't necessary. whatever. thoughts?

laura said...

I guess I was under the same opinion as Rick and wasn't aware of the potential that seemed to obvious to you and Chunky. I would love to contribute as much as possible, yet I was thrown off for awhile with videos and internet links being so prevelant. I have to say, I don't surf the internet that much. I have my sites and then I'm done. There are a million things I would write about, but they aren't always found in headlines or the onion - more like the trials and tribulations of life at our age.

Much like this post, my question lies with the content being shared. Is this here for rehashing the past, talking about the future, including our fears, or even present problems - or is it only for critiques and reviews?

Herbert Frundle IV said...

It's here for whatever we want. I just wasn't sure of where we were all coming from.

If you wanna write, write, if you wanna share a silly video, share it.

Sorry to cause so much confusion. It isn't supposed to be anything but a place to share. I was just trying to figure out everyone else's perspective on it, and in my effort to explain in detail where i was coming from just made a big confusing mess. what else is new?

make your contribution whatever you want it to be. sorry to confuse things.

dRchunkerton said...

i seem to remember much of the dome was "here watch this" or "here listen to this" or "have you read this"

the internet lets us do all these things with ease. we no longer need close promixity to lend someone a book, magazine, cd, dvd, vhs or whatever. follow this link. something cool follows. i see nothing wrong with that.

sometimes 30 seconds of "sit on you" is far better than anything being said.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i don't see anything wrong with that either and didn't think i'd implied that there was anything wrong with it.

we never had any profound moments or made any greater understandings, we just shared shit with each other. i misunderstood conversations that you and i had towards the beginning and thought we were pushing for something more structured and content driven that people other than ourselves would want to come check out because it was different,.

i am whole heartedly down for whatever goes up here, i just thought we were on a different track and needed this to figure out what everyone was thinking.

Rickles said...

I love u chris, this was a great discussion. you craziness has always been an inspiration to me.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

Apparently self imposed exile hasn't worked. The hindsight is way better, but the forethought hasn't gained any ground.

Either way, being crazy isn't fun anymore.

At least you get something out of it Rick.