Friday, July 17, 2009

Must see

Lee brought this to my attention. For full effect, you absolutely have to watch until the end. It is beyond confusing, everything that could possibly be wrong with music and popular culture all at once. I've never actually said "the fucking kids these days..." and meant it until now.

neutered hardcore, synchronized headbanging/guitar shaking, autotune heart swoon, and ridiculously off mark techno, all with non-existant arrangement transitions, while all band members undifferentiate-able.

i thought the bankruptcy of hot topic had brought the unfortunate progression of shit like this to a halt. silly me.

and to think 5 yrs ago The Blood Brothers upset me on the same level. if only i were to know what was to come.


dRchunkerton said...

well, they covered all possible bases of badness, and that's something. also, they've really got that synchronized headbanging down.

Rickles said...

i hate everything about this! especially the two feet apart shitting dance.

dRchunkerton said...

watching this for the second time:

Seriously, is this a joke?


Keyboard banging. Seriously, is this a joke?