Saturday, July 18, 2009

TTW - eating glass

This file named: eating glass. Do not remember naming it- but chunk is a drunk compute-er, so no suprise. This evening we (me) drank an entire handle of Jim Beam and drove Rick home. Sometime after this I developed the stomach problems that prevent me from drinking like that to this day.

Does anyone remember this night? In my mind all of the nights at dustin's place (also jesse's?) kinda blend together. A thoroughly pleasant backyard for drinks and conversation. Though i remember more drunk navel-gazing, less the conversation.

Actually i remember very little of it.

From the same time and place (and maybe the same night) is peteguitar. aptly named.

1 comment:

Rickles said...

I remeber the drive home, cause you where hammered but still a better driver than me.

all i recall about that place was the crazy fucker jaret(I think thats his name), anyways he was scary on a level that only someone like jermey T can surpass.