Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cold Souls

When I first heard about this movie I got really excited. I thought it would be added to the long list of Kaufman movies that I enjoy though not being a Kaufman movie itself. And like me, every reviewer and critic has compared it to one of those classic "what the fuck, who could have thought of this" kind of movie.

I mean sure, somewhere there is someone who has a magic portal that lets him control John Malkovich (maybe) and I'm pretty sure you can erase your memory in some way or another to forget a harmful person plus there are a lot of odd people in this world and I'm sure at least one of them would like to make a life size play about their life. I can talk myself into believing all this.

However, the idea of extracting ones soul and replacing it, to me, is not only the most realistic but honestly an inevitable road that we will be strolling down. I mean come on people it's about time right? Plastic surgery is only skin deep. What if I want to change more then just my appearance? What if I want to be beautiful on the outside AND the inside? What if the soul I was given just isn't me? How will I ever be happy with this worn out soul?

These are just a few questions that I know I've asked myself and possibly you've asked as well. Fear not my friends, this movie brings to light the need to change. The need to be someone else.

I don't like long reviews so I will give you a bottom line.

The idea was there, the acting was pretty good but overall it was no Kaufman. The writing was off and story slowed at times. If I wasn't so into the idea of soul removal I think it would have bored me a bit. Definitely worth checking just to get some references though.


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Rickles said...

i didnt like it. just kinda seemed like a Kaufman rip in a bad way.

I can dig the "my soul is worn" though