Thursday, February 4, 2010

Edge of Retirement

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What comes to mind when you hear Mel Gibson’s name? (Besides being a racist religious fanatic) Violence; all his most famous and best movies are about it. Mel gets real upset and hurts some guys good. Think of the films: Mad Max’s, Lethal Weapon’s, the war trilogy= Braveheart, Patriot, We Were Soldiers. His directorial efforts as of late have also been violent Apocalypto & Passion of The Christ.

I like to think of his new film Edge of Darkness as part of the revenge trilogy with Ransom and Payback included. Those were both better movies though. Ransom had suspense and Payback had a dark humor to it. Edge is just Mel on a mission with nothing to do but have emotional breakdowns. The preview makes it seem like Mel gonna go crazy and wreak things. But it’s more of a mystery than anything like that.

This is his first acting gig since 2002’s Signs. I am glad to have Mel back in front of the camera; I think he has a cool screen presences. I read a review were they where comparing him to Clint Eastwood. I think who could keep going in that direction and make some good movies.

Is it worth seeing? How much do you like revenge pictures? I was never bored or pissed so that’s a good thing. However, it’s pretty standard; there were only a couple of memorable moments. I give it 3/5 stars.


Joe Torre said...

Good post. I like how you incorporate his past movies. And I agree with you on the "cool screen presence".

Take Maverick for example, an essential movie while growing up for me, it is just enjoyable to watch him role with all the punches throughout the film. The story was okay and the other actors (Foster, Garner, Glover) were good but Gibson made the movie memorable.

I think that the acting careers of Eastwood and Gibson can be compared. I don't know Eastwood's movies as well but his reputation precedes him. Directing...I like Apocalypto a lot but Gibson has a way to go if he wants to compete.

dRchunkerton said...

wasn't this directed by martin cammpbell, the guy who made the only two good bond films of the last 20 years? does that factor in at all?

Rickles said...

it was directed well, it just wasn't that interesting of a script/plot