Monday, February 8, 2010

"I don't think there are ANY cliches i try to avoid"

The A.V. Club and Paste are both currently featuring interviews with Stephin Merrit of The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heros, The 6ths, The Gotchic Archies, and etc, etc. Even if you aren't a fan of his music, you should enjoy his incredibly dry sense of humor.

Also, you should be a fan of his music:

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Herbert Frundle IV said...

totally backing chunks on this. if you aren't in the know get there. you'll be hooked even if it has to creep in to get you.

pretty positive my first exposure was 69 love songs that farrel gave me. that and at the drive in's relationship of command. for a guy i disagree with alot, fareelio's given up a handful of my long lasting faves.