Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Attention South Carolina Residents !!UPDATED!!

Radiohead Concert

Thur 5-08-08 ATL. Tickets go on sale 2-15-08 10am FRIDAY MORNING
Fri 5-09-08 Charlotte Tickets go on sale 2-15-08 10am FRIDAY MORNING

Okay, chunky here- tickets are $35.00 - $55.00. we need to have all willing parties in the SC to confirm either here or by phone with me or rick by tommrow night. i'll be working tommorow until about 3am friday morning, so you might want to call the rick. ATLANTA is our show of choice, as it's the only one lee can make it too. i'll buy the tickets for those of you who don't have credit cards, but i'm gonna need that paper.


Danger Duck said...

If you buy me a ticket, I'll pay you back when I see you in a week, and I'll fly out again in may.
get one for chris too. I'm sure he's down
my cc num. is 4385 5558 4641 5477 ex 10.09

laura said...

Tickets purchased just moments ago for Rick and me. Do we have a driving plan yet?

dRchunkerton said...

no driving plans have formed as of yet. jesse says he's going so he might be driving...we will see.

Rickles said...

Jesse in Atlanta traffic is something that every person should experience at some time in their life.