Saturday, February 9, 2008

Things I learned from 20 min of MTVu

Tonight i wandered haphazardly into a realm of food coma bewilderment and found myself unable to remove my ass from the couch, here are several Things I learned from 20 min of MTVu

Charmingly simple videos will make me smile and hold my attention

Vampire Weekend 'A-Punk', although I enjoy the song Oxford Comma much more

Tunng 'Bullets'

The Black Eyed Peas opened some sort of pandora's box for shit like this to follow

The D.E.Y., 'some song that bought them all houses they don't deserve'

Also there is some sort of prolonged emergance of blandly exciting dance/rock music i wasn't really aware of seperate from the disco indie rock that's been around for a while now. if this is the new Bush to Fall Out Boy's Nirvana I'm very scared for what the future Creed will do.

Cobra Starship, 'Just fucking stop already'

Tegan and Sara should avoid making videos, or maybe just videos for 'our obvious submission for the single to the label'. It makes me actually pay attention to the song instead of just bobbing my head along to it in the background. I enjoy this specific track exponentially less when i'm paying attention to it.

Tegan and Sara 'The Con'

Finally, no matter how cute it was in the context of a cute movie that made people wish they had knocked up their cute high school sweetheart without consequence, it is not necessary to consider and play this as a music video, although technically it is music and it was videotaped or an equivalent thereof.

Michael Cera and Ellen Page, 'That song from Juno'


dRchunkerton said...

video #4 is really, really terrible. i made it at least 40 seconds into all the others. i'm not really suprised that people make terrible music, but who the fuck gave those guys a record deal? what was the look on the executives faces when that played in the boardroom. i'm sure someone threw there hands up..."fuck. well kids will listen to anything i guess."

also, i was unawares that tegan and sara sucked. i was have sex with thier faces though.

none of this comes close to being as good as benny lava. that's art. high art. i put the papaya there....

Herbert Frundle IV said...

i'm not sure that tegan and sara suck necessarily. I was pretty into The Con (album as a whole not single of the same) when it hit and felt like they hit their stride after some hints of goodness sprinkled in the older albums.

The video planted some doubts though. I'm gonna try and forget i saw it.

If you make it to the endish of Vampire Weekend, there's a very visually Cure like stretch that was what really caught my attention.

dRchunkerton said...

yeah i liked the first video...for soem reason it made me think of that paul simon video with chevy chase in it. don't ask why. it's almost 6 am here and i've been watching benny lava on repeat for like half an hour. my brain is mush.