Tuesday, February 5, 2008

vertipod t-shirts to be ready by V-day !!UPDATED!!

An update to the post that follows: i have a proof of concept to help convince investors:

previously, on chunkyvision:

just a heads up, to see if there is any interest. i found a t-shirt shop on richland ave on the northside that makes shirts for CHEAP; i had a very stylish chunky Tee made for 10 dollars american.

anyway my next project for them is going to be a jesse on the vertipod shirt. so far my idea is to lift the layer of jesse on the 'pod of the cityscape and drop it on a tasteful baby tee. any takers/design ideas, i.e. colors, size, cut (they have wife-beaters, chris) or add'l text? they make a perfect valentines gift for a loved one.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

i'm in. Pete will have my funds when he arrives if he doesn't spend it on drinks on the plane there.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

p.s. get me two. i wear medium tees, and let's get a wife beater in black if it's really an option just for the combined heinousnous. Nobody makes logo beaters, and i for one think that's a mistake. let's get them ready for summer in Milan.