Sunday, June 28, 2009

Modern Discourse, long diatribe, forewarned

Just joined facebook. Here's what happened in a two week period that's fucked my head up moreso than usual.

#1 Opened while still fresh out the bar to talk to a girl definitely my junior (but within acceptable age difference, shut up). No direct contact as far as i can tell other than added to a "friend" list nearing the thousands, still not sure how facebook works. Fingers crossed she's into me!

#2 "Friended" without an approval process by people who were never my friends but "know" me through high school, college, randomness, etc.

#3 Subjected to updates of ex-girlfriends on their current status when it wasn't a concern, goal, nor passing interest to know what's going on in their lives.

Just now, asked to send contact info for a ten year high school reunion by disclosure #2, bum bum! things become compounded.

So many issues at once, never came up with the courage to delete myspace, though i've regretted/attempt deleted/wanted to remove my account and the majority of aspects of it for years but can't because of:

a: the idea that this is how we communicate now. evolution of social discourse. fear of being out of the loop, out of touch, fighting progress because i'm not hip

b: vanity: someone somewhere outside of us is paying attention to my drunken rants/opinions/prose on things that don't/can't/will never matter

c: addendum: i'm clever and important but no one knows it yet and will need a bloggable history of my life for future generations to make sense of how important/cool/googleable i am after i croak and they realize what a mistake it was they didn't pay atteniton to me sooner.

there is so much wrong on so many levels.

is myspace/facebook/twitter really a positive addition? especially considering that it's evolving so quickly into less cognizant variations so quickly? we should start a site that let's you post single words so that six months from now we'll make money off a stream of conscience book of the stream of concious from the collective conscience. it will be unreadable, meaningless in a directly informative way, but will get plenty of blog hype and 2nd page fodder for local newspapers usually providing free advertising for local business.

oh the aspiration!

chunks seems excited about twitter from the aspect that now it doesn't matter, but in the future you'll be able to look at posts to see exactly what was going on at that point in time over a grand scope. social experiment yes, communication no?

let's log the failure to communicate clearly in a format that prohibits from communicating clearly?

reposting other's ideas/art/music/contributions in lieu of working on creating your own. feels like the well is running dry and we're feeding on ourselves instead of finding a way out. i've done it a million times, sharing something with friends as a common memory/check this out type of deal, but feel 99.9% of the time it's passing on something someone else has done instead of us creating something to share with each other. i'm uncomfortable with that for some reason.

the same reason family guy is hated for it's pop culture references. it's the easy way out. hey you know about this, i know about this, let's bond over the fact we all know about this.

that equals the key component for a misery party akin to a high school reunion. oh shit! speak of the devil.

ten years later. let's be forced to think about what we have/haven't accomplished. let's revisit the juvenile notions of popularity/superiority and who we think we are. and let's all do it with people we haven't talked to in years because we didn't care about/hated/or grew apart from the people we haven't kept in touch with for good reason whether we can explain those reasons or not.

in day to day life, i enjoy where i'm at. long way to go, plenty of misteps, complete failures, and regrets, but ecstatic to still be inolved in a large group comparitively of interesting, thoughtful, and intelligent people whom all keep in contact well after the fact.

we're a rare breed. and it's become glaringly obvious, exciting, and upsetting all at once. why haven't we done more? if we're extraordinary as we've always felt why haven't we done extraordinary things, why are we still talking about things we're going to do, wish we did, are stopping ourselves from doing?

i've forced my opinion on plenty, but there's a common veign amongst us that spurts when we get together, but goes dry when left on our own. how do we stop this and get shit pumping again?

i don't want to give a shit about a high school reunion and own up that no one is ever gonna figure it out, but i definitely don't want to be bothered by a high school reunion because we haven't lived up to our own expectations.

whatever we thought they were.


and if it's long the rest here.


Rickles said...

if you wanna be creative go for it. you dont need anyone else to do that.
as for me i have some confidence problems i got work out on that tip. never thought i would accomplish much. just glad to have people to help me thru the struggle.

Joe Torre said...

c. o man

stop worrying so much. if you're happy ("in day to day life, i enjoy where i'm at.") then enjoy yourself.

but my opinion on yous, and everyone can say what they want about me, is that the danger crew's one and only problem is contentment. you all may talk a big game when together but once the hype goes away, when the sun rises and the hangovers are gone, what do you do to fulfill such talks?

and i do mean contentment and not laziness or procrastination because i feel that deep down in all of you, you enjoy your lives so much now that you don't want them to change. you don't want the "danger years" to be over

i won't say anymore and i really mean no harm by this, it's just that i see you on this journey, one that pushed you 3,000 miles from home then brought you back. and i see this as a good thing. that you made an extremely hard decision for your future and i couldn't have been more proud of you.

all i'm saying is don't give up, don't stop and don't fall in a grove. just look how far back you've come...keep going

dRchunkerton said...

at this point i think we are pretty much the people we're going to be for the rest of our lives.

i don't think that's a bad thing.

don't overthink it.

and danger crew for life. participation is the only prerequisite.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

contrary to the usual disagreement for it's sake rick, i don't believe that "you don't need anyone else to do that" in regards to creativity.

even what seem sole works have usually been bounced off of others.

the friend check is a pretty good tool. if your joke doesn't work with friends what good is it? if your story loses the attention of friends what good is it? you could and we do tell the same story multiple times in different ways and still entertain even people involved. everybody's got some sort of team behind them.

great things start off for small audiences in the know, and expand as people relate or want to be in the know.

comes across as some reach for fame on a surface value, really just feel there's more in to contribute outside of ourselves.

at the same time what's wrong with adding to our personal lore like everyone else is doing akin to chunky's "we're the people we're going to be?"

this was no grand statement, don't have one in me, just another diarhea of the mind that got us talking a bit more than usual.

what more really could i want other than that?