Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Serious Bummer

MJ dies today, and i am sad. Sadder than i should be. For most people our age, MJ was the first music we can remember liking- i remember singing his praises on the swing in the second grade. My mom taped a long video retrospective on him in the early 90's that survived well into the the Danger Dome.

Besides being immensely talented, MJ had this weird magical overgrown child thing going on that made his early and middle work extra-special and fun for a kid. Unfortunatley for him this translated into being a profoundly strange adult with serious problems. Oh well. That's the price you pay for being the king of pop.

When we were all at the beach a couple of weeks ago, we played the "who should have died young" game, and MJ was universally agreed to have been better off if he'd kicked it in the late 80's. Even considering his diminished, often embarassing image over the last 20 years, i now regret saying that. He died today, and I feel loss.

Maybe it has more to do with the death of childhood than of MJ himself. He'll always be a huge part of my memories growing up, and seeing him go means letting a part of that go. It's time i guess. I'm twenty-six goddamn years old.

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Rickles said...

i remember seeing smooth criminal in a hotel. (we didnt have cable) the part were they do the lean caused me to jump up a down in the bed.

MJ was a hero to me up their with James Brown in the dancing department.

I kept hoping for a Prince style comeback, but that'll never be. sucks!