Saturday, June 6, 2009

Who else owes it all to Conan?

I started watching Late Night around the same time I started staying up late; i guess i was 12 or 13. Conan had been on maybe a year or so at that point, and most of the critics at the time seemed to think he was piss-poor, but to young chunky he was awesome. The whole show didn't feel like it belonged on network TV- it was weird, funny, and akward, and i stayed up most nights to watch it. To this day i think i'm the only person who remembers "Time Travel Week."

Anyway, i was glad to see Conan get the bump up to the Tonight Show, so here is the first episode for any who may have missed it. It's an instant classic.

Any thoughts? I was glad to see Andy back- i had seen some internet bitching about how he 'doesn't fit' but i think that's complete shit- andy's always been perfect as conan's sidekick. btw, that universal tram tour was the standout bit to me.


Herbert Frundle IV said...

totes agree. to me the insanity can come back, but it's still upped the ante on recent late night conan, and obviously tonight show. reinvigorated isn't enough, and i'm excited for whats to come.

andy's the shit, and any bitching is unwarranted. hardly involved anyway though i'm sure they'll increase.

slomo t.p. gift hugs make me smile.

Rickles said...

me & lee watched it and laughed. i cant wait for andy to start doing skits. should be great, i am pumped that conan comes on early now.

watching the last of leno's run i realized why i never liked him, their no commitment at all. conan commits likes a crazy person. its all over his first show. crying, yelling, running, freakin out. hell yes.