Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AC/DC & Iron Man

Wikipdia- AC/DC:Iron Man 2
As you guys know i a huge AC/DC fan. im even gay enough to have the shoes. Iron Man 2 soundtrack is made up of only AC/DC songs. this is really weird complication, its not a greatest hits cd M.I.A.= For those about to rock, you shook me all night, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, It's A Long Way To The Top. Some of the songs on it weren't even singles or fan favorites. Its a pretty good place to start for novices.
It's alot like Who Made Who soundtrack good album terrible movie, Stephen king movie about killer mac trucks. AC/DC have never put out a greatest hits album. they are in the only artist in top 15 best selling artist of all time to not do so. I don't get it. its not like their songs dont work together even with different singer, you know right away its AC/DC. any body got a guess of this? these days it really doesnt matter with playlists, which of course ive made many times for them. Oh yeah and this movie is gonna be kickass.

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