Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Heard about the sequel on one of the top ten of the year lists and I wanted to check this out first one. To the point, it was good.

I'm really not a fan of hand held camera shot movies (Blair Witch, Cloverfield) but this one didn't bother me. By far my favorite.

Subtitles - Usually if I rent a movie with them I'm ready for some reading. The best part of this was that you couldn't take your eyes off the screen if you got scared because you wouldn't know what was going on. Pretty tricky.

Zombies - They are my fav.

The set up - The movie centers around the inside an apartment building. With only a certain amount of places to go/hide the tension builds.

Ending - I just liked it.

The Chick - She tended to overact on her screaming lines. If this was in English I have a feeling she would have been black. Yeah, I said it.

Middle - It dragged a bit. Unfortunate because the beginning and end was hippity hop.

Random Thought:
You're familiar with the term "side-boob" right? View a breast from the side. Self explanatory I know. But how well do you know the "boobs-in-a-shirt-and-pressed-against-something" view? My new favorite because you see enough while not seeing anything. I don't like giving out spoilers but there may or may not be one of those views at the end of the movie. ??



A lot of people are comparing it to the American made Quarantine which came out a year later. [REC] was a lot better

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