Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Fan

This movie really hits close to home for obvious reasons. If I lived in New York my life would be the New York Yankees. I would go to every home game, probably even try to work at the stadium in some way. I mean each year in the last two years I've gone back to New York and have seen a game (we won both times). My time at the stadiums can be described as sublime. 50,000 Yankee fans. 50,000 people who think like me. 50,00 people who won't argue if I say we didn't buy the championship because players, the season is so unpredictable. 50,000 of my best friends that I've never met before in one place. What can be better?

So I can relate to Patton Oswolt's character in a lot of ways. Being a fan of a team goes so far beyond wearing the clothing and watching a game. Being a fan is a part of you, it makes you who you are. It's knowing the players, it's defending the team when a rival tries to bring them down. It's being proud of the history. Being a Big Fan is yelling at a TV commentator for putting your star player down because he had a bad night or because they are writing your guys off because they had a bad June. Being a Big Fan is exhausting and tedious. It's what I live for.

On to the review

Being reminded what it was like living with my mother. When the mom called Oswalt out about the issues in the trash, and the do-do stains on his undies I lost it. It was a great part in the movie but it's under the Bad section because it reminded me of my life when I lived at home. You know she walked in on me one time. It was a sad time in my life.

Pineapple does not belong on pizza.

Robert D Siegel - I loved The Wrestler. Great movie. And I'm not going to comment on his directorial debut but on the writing. There were a few parts in the movie that really ruined it for me.

First, I don't know a single person who would follow a car full of black people to the ghetto and then to a strip club and then approach them in said strip club. I don't care if it's my favorite player or a rapper I like or whoever, if he's black and with an entourage I'm staying away. Period. And I think any person would do the same. Right?

Second, sitting in the parking lot and watching the game. I'll get into this more below.

Fight Scene - Really bad. Really.

Argument between the mom and son about what life should be like, married with kids having a 9-5 job. I fight with myself all the time about how being single is bad and that I have to meet someone and blah blah. Because I've been conditioned my movies, TV, my parents that you have to follow some sort of line in life. High School, College, Job, Marriage, Kids. Not anymore. These days that life is a thing of the past and the only ones that hold on to that is the older people looking down on our generation. Making us think that we're wrong for our life choices. Do what makes you happy.

The ending when Oswalt goes into the Eagles bar and does that thing. That was great. I've actually had a nightmare where I was in Boston and was surrounded by Red Sox fans. Scariest shit ever. So I could never do anything like that but good for him.

I have to think more about this movie but off the top I really didn't like it that much. I mean a Big Fan would go to the game. It's like an addiction. You work to get your fix. If it was me I'd find a way in the stadium not just in the parking lot. That didn't work for me. Like I said, I'd be working in New Yankee Stadium in some way or another, I would never just sit in the parking lot.

Once again I'm going to be generous with my rating because I still liked the concept of the movie. I am going to watch it again.



Joe Torre said...

I also liked that he put so much thought into making his speeches for the radio station. Made me laugh.

Rickles said...

this movie made me think of V so many times. all the parts u had a problem with are what made the charter unique. he was a big fan but also a little crazy.

this was a great review because you connected with it on a personal level

dRchunkerton said...

you forgot to mention the 50 cent birthday cake. my favorite part.