Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paranormal Activity

I don't think any Danger Crew will see this movie or even wants to see it but since it got so much press I wanted to throw my two cents in. And here it is - Do NOT see this movie.

Actors - Both the dude and chick were annoying. Luckily we didn't see much of the guy and the girl does have big boobs so it gave me something to look at but ultimately it wasn't enough. They bothered me so much that I wanted to kill myself just so I can go to there houses now and haunt the fuck out of them. Won't be just a movie for long suckers.

Length - Good lord I checked my watch every 10 minutes and it was only a 1.30 movie. GOD JUST KILL THEM ALREADY!!

Unbelievability - The thing with hand held camera movies is that it's suppose to make you think that it is real. That what you are watching is the one an only take. Blair Witch, [REC] both did a good job on this however, P.A. did not. It just seemed like the two actors just read a script and went along with what it said. I'm trying not to give anything away so that's all I'll say. I just think they went along with things too easily.

You think I'm dumb or something? Do you think that I constantly went to the bathroom? Or did you see me falling asleep? No? Then why the fuck did you re-show everything that just happened? I saw it the first time two minutes ago I don't need to re-watch everything we already saw. Damn!

They used the intense moments really well. One of the few things good about this movie is they took the set up to the original level. A scary movie is more then sex and blood. It's suppose to scare you Rob Zombie. The original Halloween used tension and build up to get you out of your seat not just throat slicing and blood smearing. If he would have capitalized on some of these moments (not Rob Zombie but Oren Peli)this would have been a great movie. I love scary movies and he would have gotten me a tone of times. But didn't. Sad face.

Ending - Both endings (there was an alternate) were good because I got what I wanted from them.

I'm being generous with my rating only because of the one good thing there was in the movie. Intensity at the beginning. They could have done so much more with it.



Lee said...

i went into this one expecting not to like but ended thinking it was great, except i thought the ending (like last 10 seconds) were terrible.

i dont say this often but i think seeing this in a crowded movie theater is almost essential to enjoy it. watching other people react and having the big screen i think makes a big difference.

Joe Torre said...

Good point. I agree I missed out not seeing it in the theater with people.

But for me, I just need more then a door opening by itself to get freaked. Or foot prints on the ground. The tension was built up but there was no boom.