Friday, August 14, 2009

A friend in need

I heard rick's laid up with a bum knee. Though luck.

Anyway, i figure i'd be the first to say i'm here for you, and i hope the rest of you will join in.

I know it's going to be tough, since you can't work, you're going to have a hard time paying your bills. Don't worry dude- you live with two awesome guys, and i'm sure they'll understand if the rent's a little late. I'm sure they know, just like i know, that as soon as your healed up you'll be hard at work again.

In the meantime i suggest taking it easy. Have you thought about watching a few movies or something? You've got netflix, right? Also, you're gonna have to tighten that food budget since yr not working. Maybe you can try eating a frozen pizza at home instead of going out and eating with the guys. It may take some getting used to, but you'll adapt i'm sure.

Finally, i would suggest spending more time in your room- it's nice and warm up there, and that's good for an injured joint. Also, you won't have to have lee or chris carry you up the stairs when you have to poop and pee. If you have to hang out downstairs, try riding your mattress down. Bonus on that- you'll have a place to sleep at the bottom.

Okay, well just know that we are here for you. We've got you.

Oh, have you considered calling your parents and asking them for help with the rent and whatnot? I'm sure they'd understand since your hurt.


Rickles said...


Joe Torre said...

This is funny but I'm not laughing. I really do feel for you dawg? dogg?

Which ever, you know what I mean