Friday, August 14, 2009

Was I ever on time for anything ever?

Happy B-Day Addy!

anyway, there's some music videos after the jump.
Music even a one year old could appreciate.

I heard this band on the kcrw, really late at night. I got really into it, and since they were from LA I wrote them, told them how i heard their song, and asked them to come play a show. Not realizing at the time that I had already mixed them live a few months prior. I guess I was more in the mood when it came on the was later..

This song may not sound too impressive at first. It's hard to find any really good live clips of these guys, but if you take into account that this is being filmed in a record store then it's pretty damn good. I saw them play in san diego at pink. I guess cause of the small crowd, they decided to just play acoustic from a booth/table. For me and the other 15 people crowded around the booth, sitting on the floor, it was a super special treat. I use it as an example when my bosses try to stop me from letting bands set up in the bathroom at soda. If you're into downloading things... I suggest the song "reservoir park". oh yeah, this is someplace called criminal records in atlanta. Anybody been there? cool? no?

I just heard that mazzy star is getting back together. Garth Algar told me.

I remember this song coming on the radio in the office all the time when I first moved out to san diego. I would hang up on customers when it came on.

What the fuck am I doing up? Can you tell from my song selection that it's 4 in the morning?


Herbert Frundle IV said...

cool to see we're on the same wavelength even across the country.

got into nite jewel after a romance with Glasscandy/Chromatics on Italians Do It Better label. Check it out if you haven't. The Goods!

Lee was talking about Duchess and Duke the other day and saying how the dude looked like him but thicker and that he more expected a waify hipster kid.

Why did you hang up on people b/c of Mazzy Star?

Danger Duck said...

so I could relax and listen to the song. mazzy star is not great music to get work done to, so I figure "why fight it?"

dRchunkerton said...

i've got hope sandoval's solo record; she sang in mazzy star. it's pretty good. want it?

Herbert Frundle IV said...

gimme gimme!