Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old and New Collide!!

Heard that, maybe.

Since I got post regarding movies up in here I wanted to start something with music. However, the force is not so strong with me on the subject. I mean I may know more than Rick but that's not good enough for me.

So, maybe, we can all spotlight one album that we are currently listening too. Now, I'm sure in that Charles Town house, you guys know what everyone is listening too and watching but it would make everyone super duper cooler if you could just throw a band name with album as a comment.

That's it. Band name and album. New school or old, don't matter. Help me help myself. I thank you in advance.

Oh, a quick comment about TV on the Radio - I love the song Red Dress. $$$$$

1 comment:

Rickles said...

on the old school tip. diso band Heatwave, they sing the song Booige nights. Rod Temperton was the group leader he later wrote a bunch of Michael Jackson hits. anyways is good shit for that genre.