Sunday, August 23, 2009



It starts - the ending I mean.

I'm going to go along with Rick $$ and throw some movie info up in here. I will review, at least once or twice a week, only movies out of the theater. New releases, movies that I randomly come across thanks to Netflix that sort of thing. Now, in my reviews, I will spotlight what was good and bad and then give a "V" rating at the end. I really just to get my point across and give you positive and negative so you can determine if you want to see the movie or not.

So without further delay:

The title for my first review is above. I don't remember when I put this movie in my queue but it just became available and I did so because of what I learned from Rick %% and that is by following Actors or Actresses throughout their career.

I like Julia Ormond. She's hot and I loved the Prime Gig and special thanks to my Mom for watching First Knight a million times which helped me fall in love with her as

Julia Ormond. Hot actresses like her who can actually act is such a welcomed addition to any movie. She really helps Bill Pullman out a lot.
The ending. You didn't see it coming. Stop lying.
The backwards movement. Memento and 21 Grams did it and I've allows been indifferent to it but I liked it here. (I'm not knocking Memento. Calm down)

Cheri Oteri and French Stewart. They sucked. I hate them.
Bill Pullman. I don't know what the hell he did for the first 1.10 of the movie except piss me off. I don't know why but I expected better. I don't know why.


I would say see it but it's more of a Mike V movie. I like these suspense thrillers.


dRchunkerton said...

i hate french stewart too. i like the V rating system, 'cause good movies look like pretty mountains.

Rickles said...

i have this on my queue and was gonna watch it yesterday. explain the V rating system. did that mean 3 stars?

Rickles said...

finally saw it . pullman sucked. didnt see the ending coming because it was fucking ridiculous!

2 stars