Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning Blunt is engaged to John Krasinski - that lucky bastard

I liked this movie. See this movie.

And when you see it let me know if Amy Adams reminds you of Pam from the Office. Not Jenna Fischer but Pam. Maybe I was just on an Office kick from hearing about the above engagement but Adams acting just reminded me of Pam. ???

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt - both pretty hot (one more then the other) and both worked well with each other.
I loved the job they got. Has anyone ever heard of or seen a movie or know a person that cleans up crime scenes? Seems pretty cool just not for me.
Lastly, I really love when a movie just flows. Sunshine Cleaning only lasted about 1.30 but everything just went well together. Definitely enjoyable

Here is where it gets tricky. This movie is not for everyone and they may find more wrong with it then I but the only thing I can think of is that Alan Arkin played the exact same role as he did in Little Miss Sunshine. It's not really bad it just annoyed me.

A quick background on my rating system:
It's out of 5 V's
Rewatchability (maybe I made that word up) is a huge deal to me and will be when I decide how to rate movies.


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Rickles said...

It was great, 4 stars. the whole cast was good. amy adams didnt remind me of pam but she is super hot in her underwear. i like curmudgeons and alan arkin excels in those roles, i say give me more please