Sunday, August 23, 2009

Never will I ever see...

I Know Who Killed Me

another Lindsay Lohan movie.

I saw this movie a very long time ago and have seen a couple of her movies before and came to the conclusion that I will never see another one of her movies again. Period.

I make this claim knowing that she is going to be in the new Robert Rodriguez movie Machete but I don't care.

It's got Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal and Lindsay Lohan?? (and De Niro but I'm spotlighting the bad peep here so simmer down)
What the fuck Rob?

And by the way, I Know Who Killed Me has Julia Ormond in it and that's why I watched it in the first place. The story really wasn't bad but thanks to train wreck Lohan, it was gut wrenching to watch. Her raspy voice and terrible acting was rough but I could sware I smelled her alcoholic breath all the way through the TV.

Do not see that movie. And please join me in boycotting LL.

In Danger we Trust

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Rickles said...

i never seen her act well. is she really in Machete thats depressing. when does that movie come out?