Saturday, July 12, 2008

a chunky t special request with some added history for fun

more special treats after jump

n'4 me, a host of kinda half ass downsouth instant classics i've got nuttin but love 4. hold down g's and trilla's f'pack's on the work chunk. chirp at me.

first up lil' wey wey pick

den Pastor Troy, Richmond County all star and originator of holla rap long before lil' jon punk ass as far as i care

suave house produced South Circle from way back. do your research.

chi-town's finest crucial conflict included second to last. i don't give a fuck, it sounds like pharcyde if they grew up in georgia.

peep on that last one hard. young bleed unsung hero's when No Limit was the shit, instead of shitty. My Balls and My Word is a near perfect album ya'll need to dangle from.

shine shine on.

1 comment:

Rickles said...

crucial conflict came out when i was like 14 the shit was major. drink a 40oz when u weight 100lbs. wow