Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attention Haters


Avatar is a good film. It seems to me most of the danger crew thinks it looks stupid. I had a good time watching it. I feel like it benefits from seeing it on the big screen. (I know none of you will go in the theaters but your missing out) the 3D is cool because it helps expand the universe and not used in a gimmicky way with stuff coming at you.

You could probably tell me the whole story right now. Its part Fern Gully, part English settlers killing Indians, part Dino-Riders.
But the story is not really what I liked. I enjoyed going to another world. What I really mean is a chance to spend time in someone’s imagination. The best fantasy films and filmmakers do this. Everyone complained about the new star wars movies, because the acting was flat among other reasons. I just wanna go to outer space and see how they do things up their. I recall sitting in the theater during the prequels thinking wow I would have never come up with a idea that was so cool. Avatar lets you see how James Cameron sees the world which is interesting to me. I admit the blue guys in it look kinda gay. However it was cool to see all the animals, plants, and ships. I always like fantasy films; this is just a good example of the genre.

The movie is entertaining and looks unique. I was never bored during the just under 3 hours. If I knew what would happen next their was still the pleasure of the style it was pulled off with. The theme is nature vs technology. That’s weird because Cameron is a champion of technological advances. All his films have been on the cutting edge of special effects. Only true Lies seemed like coasting (it was a fun guilty pleasure though). There are call backs to his other film Aliens- guys in robots suits.

On the money tip the movie almost made it budget back the first weekend (counting international gross). So the film is a success, which I dig cause I wanna see the next James Cameron movie.

4 stars


Joe Torre said...

I was going to let this pass bye and maybe check it out on Netflix but after hearing all the positive from peep around the internet have since changed my mind.

Hopefully Chunk T and myself will check it in imax 3D. Seems to be the only way to see it.

dRchunkerton said...

a big group of the apple-crew is planning on going to the imax-3D on the tuesday after christmas. use your V-cation time, V. waiting to read yr review rickles until after i see it, but i've been excited for awhile for this one.

Joe Torre said...

Mike V down. I already have taken Tuesday the 29th through the end of the year off.

and p.s. Rick, big ups to referring to True Lies in a positive way. One of Cameron's most forgotten and underrated movies.

as smooth as a ten year old boy's ass!!