Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taking Woodstock

Here is my review but I really want yous guys to see it so I can hear what yous guys think.

Start off with the Bad first:
False Advertising - Netflix and IMDB both labeled this as a comedy. It is not.
Hippies - I hate them.
Emile Hirsch - I really like him in everything I've seen but he was awful as a Vietnam Vet. Didn't work.
Split Screen - At first it was cool but after a while it got frustrating. I wanted to see what was going on, on both sometimes three screens. Ang Lee put so much detail in them that I know I missed some shit. Also, at one time there were two conversations going on.
Demetri Martin - I just didn't like him in this. I kept waiting for a joke, remark or facial expression that would give his character some life.

Liev Schreiber - he makes one hell of a hot chick.
And Lee - There were certain shots in this movie that gave me the feeling of freedom. The way Lee shot some of this made me feel kind of what these people were trying to live. The no worries, make love not war mindset really showed. Weird to describe but Lee did a good job on it.
Split Screen - It was cool in the beginning but it got out of hand later.

Overall, the thing that saved the movie for me was that it's a true story. I do enjoy learning, sometimes, even if it's about things I don't really care about.



dRchunkerton said...

i fixed it for you. also, v movie reviews are my favorite movie reviews.

Joe Torre said...

thanks and I'm blushing unless you're making fun of me but even then I'd still blush a little.

Rickles said...

good review for real now i gotta see it

dRchunkerton said...

not making fun. i hate hippies too.

Rickles said...

i think i liked it a little more. better than i thought it be.

i appreciated the realness. if you seen the actual Woodstock doc, this one got pretty close.

thought Emile Hirsch was misguided in his attempt to be serious.

the split screens were used to mimic the documentary concert movie.

the best part was the acid trip, that felt like the real thing to me.