Thursday, December 3, 2009

Great Movies of 09

Great Movies of 09

1. Star Trek- Franchise best. Works for people who don’t even like Star Trek.

2. Watchmen- Ambitious thought provoking. I had more discussions about this movie then any other this year.
3. The Hangover- Non stop laughs, pure craziness.

4. Adventureland- Underrated film with a lot of emotion and humor.

5. Zombieland- I’m not a horror fan, good thing this was a comedy.

6. (500) Days of Summer- Deals with relationships in a real way. I’m totally into Zooey Deschanel!
7. Tyson- Great psychological study of a confusing individual. Half mad-child, half beast.
8. Away We Go- Another good relationship movie and great road trip.

9. I Love You, Man- Comedy gold, perfect look at guys hanging out.

10. Where the Wild Things Are- Not your average family film, demands multiple viewings.

Animated Films
1. Coraline- Extreme weird and scary movie.
2. Fantastic Mr. Fox- God bless Wes Anderson and his quarks.
3. Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs- A lot better than you think it be.
4. UP- Pixar always hits it out the park. (Except Cars, that was lame)
5. Monsters vs. Aliens- Cool idea and great cast that adds humor.

That Sucks
1. Transformers 2- This movie is a mindless, headache inducing waste of time.
2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop- supposedly a comedy, I never laughed.
3. I Love You, Beth Cooper- Spent most of this one with my hands in the air saying why?
4. G-Force- Whoever thought this was a good idea is stupid.
5. New Moon- Kinda like Transformers 2. Didn’t like the 1st one and the 2nd almost killed me.

Netflix- New to Me
1. All the Real Girls (2003)- From the director of Pineapple Express (David Gorden Green). Great film about love.
2. Kicking and Screaming (1995)- Comedy about college life. Feels like hanging with friends. Its not the soccer movie. (On Instant)
3. Do the Right Thing (1989)- Spike Lee classic, never caught the whole thing. Newsflash its great.
4. Dead Ringers- David Cronenberg is a weird dude. Here’s another example why. Jermey Irons in his career best role. (On Instant)
5. Scott Walker: 30 Century Man (2006)- Strange musician you get as close a look as you could hope from a shut-in. (On Instant)
6. The Hit (1984)- Great thriller, super under the radar.
7. Body Heat (1981)- Erotic thriller with a hell of a twist. Kathleen Turner used to be attractive, who knew.
8. Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008)- Documentary about steroid use in sports. Made me think. (On Instant)
9. Snow Angels (2007)- Another good drama from David Gorden Green. Sam Rockwell is good as usual.
10. Bukowski: Born into This (2003)- Documentary about a writer who I didn’t know much about, but now I’m a fan. (On Instant)

Coming Up- Anticipated Films
1. Up in The Air- George Clooney, its looks awesome.
2. Sherlock Holmes- Guy Richie can hopefully get back to the days when he made great films. Robert Downey Jr. is on a role right now.
3. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans- Nick Cage needs a come back.
4. Invictus- almost a yearly thing now: another good Clint Eastwood movie.
5. Crazy Heart- Jeff Bridges as a musician, might win a Oscar for it.

Missed the Cut: Good Movies but Not Good Enough
11. District 9
12. Funny People
13. Anvil: Story of Anvil
14. Public Enemies
15. Moon


dRchunkerton said...

i was excited about bad lieutenant after watching the trailer, and downright giddy after watching some highlights of nic cage in wicker man. that shit is mst3k level ridiculous.

i watched about half of kicking and screaming on netflix and i turned it off. the whole 'i finished school now what' shit rang false and childish with me. i never thought they were clever, or funny, or identified with them, i just wanted them to shut the fuck up. noah baumbach went on much better things, good for him. but watching this i all i could feel was contempt for the characters and the mind behind it.

Joe Torre said...

where to start? how about at the top?

top 10 of the year is great. of the movies i've seen, I agree with and of the ones I havn't, I've heard are good.

I loved Coraline. Love(d)
Monsters and Aliens not so much.

I thought Paul Blart was better then Observe and Report but both were pretty shitty. I was hoping Transformers would be better but it was pretty bad.

Funny People would be in my top ten in place of I Love You, Man.

The New to Me:
All the Real Girls - Wonderful. I love Paul Schneider and Zooey
Snow Angels - God Kate Beckinsale is hot even when she is not suppose to be.

With these two movies along with Pineapple Express, David Gordon Green becomes the man.

I guess that's it. Most of those other movies I haven't seen but will try to check out.

Discuss we shall