Friday, December 18, 2009

my favorite music of the year

so these are in no order cause i really dont care. and i am sure i missed a few but these seem to be what i have been listening to the most.

doomriders - darkness comes alive (dirty rock and roll with lots of guitar harmonies)

converge - axe to fall

coalesce - ox/oxep (this is two releases but they are meant to go together)

wolves in the throne room - black cascade

wolves in the throne room - malevolent grain ep (its only two songs but they are too good not to list)

algernon cadwallader - some kind of cadwallader (great indie rock)

caspian - tertia (instrumental post rock)

narrows - new distances (great hardcore band featuring members of botch)

isis - wavering radiant

gifts from enola - from fathoms (more post rock)

pheonix - wolfgang amadeus phoenix

shrinebuilder - self titled (epic doomy rock, members of om, neurosis, and the melvins)

shook ones - the unquotable a.m.h (rock and roll. this puts me in a good mood when i listen to it)

pelican - what we all come to need


dRchunkerton said...

word. i have the pelican, isis, caspian, and pheonix, but i'm ignorant on the rest. i'm gonna give doomriders a try, and shook ones b/c i like being a good mood.

Anonymous said...

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