Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rian Johnson

The director of Brick scored again with The Brothers Bloom!!

I saw Brick a little while ago and loved it. C Hinds owns it talked me into watching it and I'm glad I did. If you haven't seen it I suggest you do.

This movie features an ejoyable lead actor in Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a story written so well that it excites me to think about it again while I write this review. From the beginning I was hooked and stayed that way throughout. Johnson turns a normal high school day, week into a modern day Sherlock Holmes adventure. There was nothing wrong with this movie and I don't want to give anything away so here is my rating:


The Brothers Bloom was just as exciting. The beginning was a lead up and the ending had me second guessing myself every moment. The middle did slow down a tad and I'm not the biggest Rachel Weisz fan but Brody and Ruffalo did a great job and Johnson's amazing writing ability had me anticipating all kinds of things. Who knew what was true or false by end? That will be all I say on this except that you should see this movie:



Kelly said...

I think Rachel Weisz was the only good thing about this uneven film, which tried to be more quirky than anything resembling a story. They should have focus the story more on her than the brothers.

Rickles said...

i liked brick way better, but brothers bloom had some good parts. props to the Asian chick who doesnt speak.

Joe Torre said...

I think it matters how you view things. I saw Weiszs' character as everything I hate in life. Rich bitch with nothing to do except spend money and do, well nothing. She sat at her house and learned the piano, guitar and how to juggle chainsaws. Fuck you, Rick, I mean Rachel Weisz. I want to do nothing. I want to go to Prague (Chicago) for love and to become a smuggler . But wait, I can not because of responsibilities. Damn you adult hood. Damn you mortgage. Damn you all to hell.

Though, the part where she is showing off her "hobbies" is one of the funniest parts in the movie.

Also, I liked it because the brothers had a bond that I can relate to. I watch out for Matt like Ruffalo did Brody. You may think he controlled him but ultimately the ending spoke for itself.

I do agree with you Rick, Brick was better overall and the Asian chick good. But I stand by my four "V" rating.

Rickles said...

i love an unprovoked attack

Joe Torre said...

I'm sorry ,I got worked up. It was uncalled for but on the bright side no one will be able to jab at you much longer with that new job starting soon.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

it's not unprovoked attack to mention how you view someone relating to something.

most of the talks with rick are realizing we said something complete and honest simply after the fact.

how he views himself through you is up to him. as rick would say, quit apologizing.

dRchunkerton said...

this makes me think of something, or rather someone, that happened to me today at work.

there was this dude sitting at the end of my bar tonite, a couple of years younger than us and probably most memorable to some of us as the heckler from the foxhounds games (his heckling made those games roughly 300% more enjoyable, btw).

he drank budwieser pints for the better part of two hours, tipping me less than 60 cents on each beer, tho he did vainly try early on to calculate a 20% tip. Realizing it was hopelessly beyond him, he left me his shiny change and laughed it off, saying "dude i'm just a college kid."

i wasn't mad, even a little. working at applebee's you tend to get stiffed alot, and he was a pretty affable and funny guy. but our time together betrayed something that should have been fairly obvious from the outset: this guy had never had a job.

he was fat, so someone was feeding this poor college student, and his clothes were polo, ralph lauren, etc, pretty clearly laundered by his mom. his friends looked on with increasing embarrassment as he explained to me that giving him a free beer for quickly chugging the one he had was a "win-win" for both of us.

nowhere on his face or in his demeanor was the knowing adultness that comes with real responsiblity. he was free from it, and after a few laughs, it was frankly fucking obnoxious.

this is how i felt about kicking and screaming (which i previously stated my intense displeasure with) and i feel is where mike v is coming from when he writes about "everything i hate in life."

Rickles said...

i hate when this subject comes up, i feel like ive pissed everyone off unintentionally

dRchunkerton said...

watched brick last night, and i didn't really care for it. joseph gordon levitt was great, but not enough to make up for the general boringness of the film. Yeah, i get it's old fashioned noir detective story cast in a high school setting, but i just don't find that do be a particularly clever idea. Without watching any of his other movies, i'm guessing Rian Johnson is one of those directors that only makes Rian Johnson movies. Just tell me i'm wrong, and i'll try another one.

Rickles said...

Brick is the best if you don't like it dont bother with any others