Monday, December 21, 2009

Daamn!! Zooey Dechanel

I've been thinking about starting a new weekly post to stir up some chatter amongst the Crew. Up for some debating?

A while ago, I believe with Rick, we had a discussion about the amount of Actresses that suck. We named a lot and I continue to see movies with females that I would never want to see in a flick again. Here is where we do the opposite. Now, I promise that I will NOT pick just hot chicks with no talent. I will defend everyone I pick like I will with Mrs. Dechanel whether you agree or not will be left to the comments. Begin we shall (Yoda talks like that - funny, yes?)

First I will begin with the obvious, Daamn she is HOT! Can't deny that.

Now that I got that out of the way, movie credits:
Almost Famous, Elf, All the Real Girls, 500 Days of Summer, Live Free or Die, Winter Passing, Gigantic, and Surf's Up. I know there are more but these were off the top. This chick can act plain and simple. If she's in a movie I will see it.

She's good looking, she reminds me of a not so typical girl next door and, wait for it, she can sing? Yes, I believe she can. I've listened to some and it's not so bad. Plus, she's got to like Death Cab for Cutie a little bit and I love them.

I know what you're thinking, Mike V, with all this could there possibly be anything wrong with this chick. Unfortunately, yes there is.

The Happening is what's wrong with her. This movie is not only one of the worst I've ever seen but it could have been a career killing in some cases. Luckily it didn't hurt hers but man was was it a blow. I really doubted her acting abilities after this. I didn't think it could all be Shymalanananananan's fault. The acting itself sucked. I did forgive her though after seeing Yes Man, Gigantic and 500 Days of Summer. I liked all three and with her previous work in the back of my mind I overlooked the movie not to be named.

So let me hear what you have to think. Did I forget a movie or is there something about her that you like or dislike or do you know something I don't? I want to talk, learn and think.

Bring it


Rickles said...

happening is Shymalanananananan's fault. if one performance is bad blame the actor. if every one in movie sucks blame the director.

she is my current crush. no argument here.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

She's no kirsten dunst

dRchunkerton said...

yeah she's totes my steaz. she tends to fall into the manic pixie dream girl thing pretty regularly tho, huh?

Danger Duck said...

ok, I guess I'll weigh in on this one. Partly because I too have a steeze for attractive talented women that are, for me, unobtainable.
That might be part of a deeper problem.
On to my review.
First off, the picture you chose for your cover is horrible. Considering that you mention her beauty at least twice, I would have chosen a better picture.
Second, 500 days of summer sucked. I hate that so many people whose tastes I'm usually in line with said that it changed their life or some stupid shit like that. It's a romantic comedy that, despite what people told me, still has a stupid "happily ever after" ending. They name drop some dumb shit in the opening credits and the record store scene...which gets them totes street cred...not. Hi fidelity did it better.
Her and Joe Gorden Levitt both are good in it, I guess. He's defininatly a great actor.
I really liked Elf, and it seems like summer is the same character, but with out the costume.
Winter Passing would have to be her favorite film of mine.....or my favorite film of hers. Dope movie over all.
I've never seen any of the others, nor have I listened to she and him.
It looks like it maybe is not cool at all. More that m. ward looks like a poster boy for a lame ad campaign. This is all an uneducated rant though.
just sayin.
She's totes cute. Totes want her to be my gf. Totes loved some of here movies. She's good.

Rickles said...

wow pete i never heard you rant like that. 500 days was good to me cause it felt real.

all the real girls is her best work i recommend everyone see that one.

most of her roles are similar but i like them.

Joe Torre said...

First off I'm glad to see most of the Crew members (while fist pumping...LEE) commenting. It's fun to be included.

Rick, good point. Besides Unbreakable I haven't really liked any of his work.

Don't worry C Hinds, I a workin on somethin.

Pixie Dream Girl is a good description of her. And yes she is definitely working it but she's got that look down to a T so why not.

Peter Peter, glad to see your words. Been a while. At least is has since you've commented on anything I've posted. Unfortunately it has to be under conflicting circumstances.

So now down to business, I shall thrust your parry by asking you to look at the photo one more time. I believe the it holds the essence of what we all love about Zooey.

Her eyes!

Look at it. I did after you said that and I have to respectfully disagree. She looks amazing. Her hair is shiny, her lips glossy and all with just enough blush and not to mention the cleavage. Come on

About 500 Days of Summer - to each his own. I will agree with you on Winter Passing being one of my favorites of hers too.

Besides Lee I think we had a good turn out on this one. Let's keep it up gents.

Anonymous said...

literate blog, but the LHC will still explode ...