Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cruise Time

Aight guys, I hope everyone heard of the cruise i'm trying to organize. Here is some info on said cruise. A lot of the details can be changed so if you have a problem with anything just let me know and i'll change the search. The cruise will take off April 14, 2007. More after the jump:

First of all, the fees should be right at $300. The ship departs out of Miami so we will have to find a way down there. From Aiken it's about a 10-11 hour drive and leaves at 4pm on a Monday. We return on Friday at 8am.

Another point on the fees is the $300 does NOT include alcohol. Now you all know how much i drink so to warn you, a five night cruise (this will be four) i spent $400 on drinks. Also, if we decide to go in April i will need the $300 by mid to end of January.

Now that, that is over here is the fun stuff:

We are going to Cozumel, Mexico and Key West, Florida and the rest of the time is spent at sea.

But there is a lot to do on the boat:

There is a casino
Minature Golf
Two dance clubs
Jogging Track
Video Arcade
About six placed to eat
Piano Bar
Internet Cafe
and a lot more.

I guess that's it. The rooms seem to sleep 2-4. If it's the same price i will try to get two to a room but we'll see. So if there is anything else ask me/let me know. I need input bad on this guys. I want everyone to go so leave a comment, hit me up on myspace or holla at cha boi on my hip. Cool


Rickles said...

I say we sneak alcohol on. is their a basketball court, cause if so then its on.

Herbert Frundle IV said...

allright, I'm hyped. Lemme know the end date, I'll send you funds if your handling it overall, but if there is a direct way to deal I'll pay them. Start setting up plane tickets and shit. It's on.

As a heads up, I've got any one of you fuckers in Blackjack, War, etc... so we better team up against the house cause your asses are going down otherwise.

Basketball, let's do this. We need to start a team pool. At the moment, I'm claiming me and rick as captains, though i'll concede to V my slot as he's the sports buff. As long as i'm against rick's team we're golden.

As for the drinking, what's your experience with sneak on V? I vaguely remember only a certain number of gatorade bottles making it on, what are the complications? we're crafty, but we still don't need to get caught off guard.

other than that, looking forward to getting into unforgivable trouble at christmas time. lemme know what your plans are.

21st through 30th, counts for you rick so take off work now.

Joe Torre said...

Yes, there was a basketball goal on the cruise i went on. It was sweet. We played a lot and this is something that i will check more into when i call on all this.

And about sneaking drinks on the boat, it's like the airlines...they will check bags but it's completely random. When i went last time we did sneak drinks on but we put them in soda bottles and such. Also, you may want to sneak some soda on because you will have to pay for it on the cruise. You get water and like fruit punch and shit like that for free.

Any other questions?

Danger Duck said...

I say we put all our eggs in one basket. One of us will have to have a suitcase full of liquor and drugs.
But that can't be rick because he's not to be trusted in matters such as these. After his freakout in TJ, I think he should just bring gatorade. They love that shit in florida

laura said...

all sounds good. do we need passports for mexico? this is really exciting!