Friday, November 9, 2007

A jew on a mission

I'm finally ready for something different. I've been out of touch with many of you, mostly due to the fact that a much needed stint of solitude. Charleston has been a stepping stone for me in terms of relationships, responsiblity, and career. As this past August marked my fifth year in the Holy City, the itch for change can no longer be ignored and I've finally made steps in moving in such a direction.

I dipped in the wells of music journalism and satisfaction was far from reach. It's just not the right facit for me. So now onto the next step, graduate school for a degree in the most uplifting of subjects: Holocaust Studies. And where better to go for a Jew to study the life and death of other Jews. Brooklyn of course. So, fingers crossed, at this time next year, I will be bitching about the cold and riding the subway to the Village, following the footsteps of my beloved Bob.

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Rickles said...

good to have you join are little club, it's not official to u join up. New York, New York big city of dreams.